The Registry of Sarees Champion of Handcraft

For every specially crafted collection we bring to you, lies a special person ,who’s passion for handloom and handcraft in India personifies our vision – to celebrate beauty in handskill everyday. Danseuse, theatre personality and fine jewellery designer, Deepti Sudhindra who is an avid supoorter of the handloom saree shares a peek into the many facets of her life.
 Deepti Sudhindra has the arresting gaze and fluidity of movement that is the signature of a life touched by dance. An everyday saree diva she prefers simple cottons that are draped in the manner that instantly lets you know that she is no stranger to culture in it’s most refined context.
 From a family that has always embraced music and art – Deepti’s mother is Suma Sudhindra, one of India’s most versatile veena artists ,is known in musical circles as much for her prowess with raag as for creating Asia’s first experiential music museum. Her sister Namrata Sudhindra a yoga guru, is responsible for making yoga integral to many a life. Deepti herself has several calling cards.
 A trained classical dancer, she chose her vocation at the age of 5, standing her ground to visit Sophia High School’s Bharatnatyam teacher simply because the call of the dance form was too hard to resist. Under the tutelage of Padmini Ravi, Deepti blossomed but while dance fed her heart her soul longed for more. Inherently an artist at life Deepti pursued design. Her signature style and impeccable taste that embrace wanderlust, elegance and her deep love for the Indian handmade led to the birth of The Jewelry Project.
 Curious about the contribution of her work to her life we asked her to share with us the key to having sustained a completely homegrown business for well over a decade. “The beauty of handmade jewellery in India is unparalleled across the world. The diversity in skill set across our amazing country is truly a Gift of the Divine and this itself is inspiring!” It is the talent of the unsung craftsperson that Deepti honours in her everyday life. The principle of design that she embraces and is responsible for is to work within the parametres of a culture and heritage that she feels blessed to be a part of.
 Deepti has varied interests that include professional theatre. All the facets that contribute to her life are nurtured with the utmost discipline and commitment to long term engagement. “Dance has taught me to get to a destination one has to worship in the present.”
 As a part of her work Deepti trains a younger generation of artists in the intricate and highly detailed aspect of jewellery making by hand. In doing so in her own small way she is ensuring that the skill of the craftsman, normally handed down from father to son, continues to live beyond our generation. She continues to instill through her work and living that “We have known for centuries in India that handmade is sustainable. When we look into our own resources for fashion, food or wellness we truly learn about ourselves.”

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