The Registry of Sarees is a research and study centre with a multi-disciplinary approach that enables design, curatorial and publishing projects in the area of handspun and handwoven textiles.

We are ably guided by several textile experts who are happy to share their experiences of working at the grass roots level with weaving communities across India. Through our growing community of academicians, curators and textile aficionados we endeavor to preserve the ancient art of storytelling through our sarees that is crucial to embracing the future, secure in the fact that our skills and textile heritage are firmly rooted in centuries of innovation and development. Known for their refined aesthetic sensibility and penchant for innovations in textile creations these professionals bring to The Registry of Sarees a curated selection of one of a kind sarees that connoisseurs crave for in their collections.

The centre is the custodian of two textile collections - Meanings, Metaphor - Handspun and Handwoven in the 21st century (formerly Khadi – The Fabric of Freedom) and Textiles of India. Stemming from these collections we are actively pursuing cotton based projects that offer unique interpretations of our understanding of textile.

  • Exploring Identity through design collaboration- Hosa Arambha Project , Kodiyala, Karnataka
  • Exploring ecology and the role of science and technology in cotton seed cultivation- Brown Cotton, Dharwad, Karnataka.
  • Exploring the relevance of material in textile- Venkatagiri, Nellore District, Andhra Pradesh.
  • Exploring the circular economy of cotton production - Ponduru, Andhra Pradesh.
  • Exploring the skill of textile weaving- Nabadwip, West Bengal.
  • The centre organises curated exhibitions that are designed based on the research projects developed at The Registry of Sarees. They aim to introduce people to different aspects of textile in a modern context informed by the past and present.
  • In addition to the research being done the centre acts as a library and studio space facilitates interactive events between textile enthusiasts and the makers of textile- weavers and other practitioners.
  • The Registry of Sarees is a space that welcomes all who are interested in textile be it reading about it or learning about it in practical ways.
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