CCBPRoots Registration

CCBP, IIM Ahmedabad Invite

Thank you for your interest in participating in CCBPRoots in Anegundi, Hampi with our first event at Red Lilies, Water Birds in partnership with The Registry of Sarees, The Kishkinda Trust. Red Lilies, Water Birds is a month-long exhibition from 14th November 2022 through 6th December 2022, in Anegundi, Hampi and CCBPRoots is scheduled from 21st November to 6th December 2022. Your engagement entails a participation fee of Rs 10,000/- to be paid directly to the event organisers.

This participation fee is exclusive of the travel and stay expenses of the participating entrepreneurs. The aforesaid fee will be used to cover the travel, food and accommodation of the artisan-partner(s) who will be coming from all across India. A community kitchen serving all meals will be open for all participants. All registered participants will receive travel and stay recommendations to plan their visit to Anegundi.

By registering, you agree to make a non-refundable contribution of
Rs 10,000 as your participation fee