Textile trail for Gujarat



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6 nights - Covering Ahmedabad to Bhuj and back.

The Registry of Sarees has a three pronged approach to all sarees. For us to love a saree is to revel and luxuriate in the joy of it’s creation. Kausalya Satyakumar is our resident textile expert with over twenty years of experience of working at the grass roots level with weaving communities across India. An intrepid traveller-at-heart Kausalya has put together several explorations of culture and history through textiles for different boutique travel companies in the last year.

 Kausalya’s particular areas of textile research and study include Bhuj, the Kutch wilderness and Ahmedabad. Tours centering around the embroideries, printing techniques and weaves of Gujurat are recurring favourites among textile travelers who cannot get enough. 

 Kausalya prefers smaller more focused groups as all the experiences include direct weaver interactions in their own homes as guests. Tours can be tailored to suit your own prefernces or you could join a group of like minded textile traveller’s. If you would like to experience India through the glory of her weaves do reach out to theregistryofsarees@gmail.com