The Registry of Sarees Research and Study Centre is now home to table-top looms to enable you to learn hand loom weaving as a concise skill set. Tailored over two weeks to give you an intensive experience, learn how to weave from experienced weavers and be inspired to create some wonderful hand woven textiles of your own!

Expect hands on tutoring on how to wind a warp, dress a loom, thread heddles, and reed and tie a warp. Under the able guidance of facilitator Akash Agarwal (NID, NIFT) , you will cover different materials and introduce patterns and learn how different combinations can affect the outcome of a woven peice. Each student will have an individually assigned loom, and follow different hand weaving patterns.

You will be taught to work a pattern giving you the opportunity to explore diverse materials and pursue your own design aesthetic. To develop your knowledge and understanding of handloom weaving, a specially formulated manual and workbook have been created.

The first five days will be devoted to learning and practicing different types of weaves and techniques. A field excursion is planned one day to enable a full understanding of the working and logistics of pre-loom work and weaving. The following days will be devoted to creating a free flowing fabric, a scarf, a stole or even a work of art!

Our workshop is unique in that it teaches students to weave on an individual table loom much like a weaver in the craft would do. It supports this tuition by carefully facilitated theory and one-on-one guidance ( only five participants are accepted at a time) that have been designed with handloom weaving in mind. Students will also have access to our new library of weaving books and support material for workshop attendees and the opportunity to rent our table looms to further their knowledge.

This workshop is suitable for beginners and intermediary weavers or those who need a strong foundation on the basics of how to weave using a handloom. A hour long lunch break will be taken at a convenient time for participants. Students will be required to bring their own lunch or can purchase something in the neighbourhood. Refreshments such as tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided.

Course Fees and Registration: Rs 25,000/- plus GST 18% 

What’s included:

• 5 days of tuition (11:00 am to 5:00 pm with a lunch break from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm)
• Weaving Tools for the duration of the workshop – this includes yarn, shuttle, work book and practice material, drawing hook, pick glass.
• Individual access to a table-loom during the 2 week workshop (Students to set up the loom, then have time to weave their fabric/ art)
• Weaving notes as per the session
• Tea and snacks
• Guaranteed fun in a relaxed environment

What is not included:
• Lunch (you are free to bring your own or there are 2 options about five minutes from the studio)
• Accommodation

Please mail contact@theregistryofsarees or call +91 70227 95003 for more information