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   Fig 1. Marcel Duchamp, Box in Valise, (1935-41)  In 1822, An Englishwoman named Fanny Parkes followed her husband  Charles Crawford Parkes to India. Charles, an employee of the East India Company was stationed as a collector of customs at Allahabad. While he was occupied with work, Fanny busied her days by learning Hindi, horse riding and occasionally mingling with Indian women in the Zenana. Just as she was beginning to settle down, her husband was posted to Kanpur (‘Cawnpore’ in those days) which was a rather dull environment compared to what she was used to. So she took to travelling on her own and exploring India. Everywhere  she went, she documented her travels that later were published into a...

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                          Figure1: B.Wurts-Untitled.1889    We begin our mornings   removing blankets,  folding sheets,  putting a bed cover,   straightening pillows,  drawing curtains,  wiping  our faces,   changing into a new set of pajamas  and placing a cushion underneath the  laptop to begin our work from home.  As we spend more time at home these days,mixing our worlds of  work and leisure, the spaces around us have morphed into one another; leaving textile  to demarcate rooms and differentiate between night and day.   Within the setting of a home, textiles range from extravagant display worthy carpets to  run down floor mats that say ‘welcome’.  At every space in the house, we encounter these negotiations...

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